Rock Werchter 2019 Report

Hi hi, Joy here.

I love Werchter! I go there every year since I came to Belgium and got to see so many bands these yeas that I didn’t have a chance to see in China.

Sometimes it can rain heavily during this time of the year, I remember a few years ago I was wearing rain boots and got titally dirty afterwards, but with the global warming, recent years Werchter are sunny like the tropic.

Yes so sunny!

Someone gave me this candy choker!

Which ones would you see if you were in in Werchter?

Went to this stage to see…

Kurt Vile & The Violators

Danced a bit with Tom Misch

Write something on the board, take some photos, just to kill some time.

My handwriting looks so bad here but it was the marker ^^

Who doesn’t love the 9:30 pm sunset?

We are waiting for …

The Cure!!!

Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight.

and burn like fire

Songs still sound good after so many years, and they finally play those “pop songs” like Friday I’m in love, which I heard they didn’t want to play for years.

“Boys don’t cry!”