#SadSunday – Share Sad Music – Take Me Somewhere Nice


#SadSunday tag is created by @flipstar. “Sad music makes me happy.”

I love sad music, sad music heals me. Maybe that’s why I’m specially into post-rock, a rather emotional genre, mostly instrumental, without vocal. Sometimes can be depressing but powerful. It doesn’t make me feel depressed, but in contrast, it makes me happier somehow. I can feel a soft touch of my soul every time I listen to post-rock (yes, I listen to them very often, maybe every day).

Raw emotions, raw energy, I hope you like the track and can feel it too. One of the most famous songs in post-rock I think, Mogwai is also one of the most known post-rock bands probably. I like the song, or if there’s no vocal, can be even better, but the vocal of the song doesn’t disturb luckily. I have an extensive compilation of post-rock songs to share, thanks to #sadsunday, I’m gonna share them out in the coming weeks!

Feel free to join #sadsunday and share your favorite sad songs, no matter which genre it belongs to!

一个Steem上面的老朋友 @flipstar最近创建了一个标签叫 #sadsunday,提议大家一起来推荐伤感的音乐。我觉得很有意思,不知道你们喜欢什么样的音乐。



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