I loved Sagrada Familia.

When you go to Barcelona, you have to visit Sagrada Familia, Antonio Gaudi’s final architecture. This doesn’t sound a very creative tip for your Barcelona trip at all. It is not surprising how difficult to get a ticket to enter. When I made the reservation online a couple of days before the trip, any time during my first two days in Barcelona was already sold out.

Luckily I was able to get a ticket on the 3rd day. So if you don’t plan to stay in Barcelona very long, you’d better make reservation for Sagrada Familia sooner.

true Gothic masterpiece now:

Let’s take some tourist photos like everyone else here outside Sagrada Familia.

The Basilica is been under construction for over 100 years and it won’t be ready any time soon. In fact, I was here more than 3 years ago and don’t see much improvement regarding the construction compared to last time. Even so, it looks fabulous from any angle.

So happy finally got my ticket checked.


Once getting closer, you get to see the sculptures and cravings on the outside. This has the most beautiful exterior of a Basilica I have ever seen, so much detail at every turn of the head.

The interior of Sagrada Familia is colorful, lovely and inviting. The atmosphere is enchanting and awe-inspiring, with its remarkable stained glass windows, completed with the high ceiling.

Inside Sagrada Familia, it is crowded. There were loads of people coming and going. Luckily the cathedral is huge, I was still able to enjoy its spirituality. You can still sit in the center praying.

Since Gaudí wasn’t able to complete it before he passed, the back side of the Basilica was taken over by various architects. It was only a slightly less majestic than the front side but quite interesting and much more modern. It feel like a completely different building, I wonder if Gaudí knew it, how he would react haha.

由于高迪在去世前也没能完成圣家堂,大教堂的背面被多个建筑师接管。 背面完全像是另一个建筑,自然没有正面壮观,但是也很有趣,更现代化。 不知道高迪如果看到这些奇怪的雕塑,他会如何反应,哈哈。

如果你去巴塞罗那玩,必须要去圣家堂,这座建筑家高迪的最后的作品,这个提议听起来特别没有创意吧,但是实在是很让人惊艳。由于圣家堂是那么受欢迎,所以来巴塞罗那的人都会来这里朝圣,所以也是一票难求。 这次我吸取了上次来巴塞罗那没买到票的教训,提前了好几天终于买到票。如果你不打算长时间呆在巴塞罗那,你最好早点在网上预订圣家堂的票啊。

圣家堂已经建设了100多年,也完全没有建好的迹象。 而且我觉得跟3年多前来这里相比,根本没有看到任何的改善。 即使在周围都是起重机的情形下,圣家堂从任何角度看起来都很美。


尽管圣家堂游客非常多,控制了在限定的15分钟的入场,还是有大量的人流来来去往。 幸运的是,这个庞大的教堂可以容纳很多人,即使拥挤,我仍然能够享受它的灵性。 虽然现在看来这里是游客的天地,但是有一些人坐在中心安静的祈祷。