Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque – high point of Islamic art with magic “Peacocks”

Sheikh Lotfollah, this Safavid masterpiece, is often claimed the most beautiful mosque in the world. I haven’t seen that many mosques yet, but I can say Sheikh Lotfollah is surely one of the most, if not the most, beautiful mosques. Its beauty comes for both exterior and interior.

This mosque was build to serve the royal family and it was the first mosque for women as well. There is a saying that there was an underground tunnel that connects the Ālī Qāpū Palace (right on the other side of the square) and the mosques. The design of this mosque is simply humble, without any fancy yard. It is a simple yet elegant masterpiece perfectly constructed that can somehow create an intimate effect on visitors.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, seen from the Ālī Qāpū Palace.

The mosque has a unique design in term of the plan. It only has a single domed prayer room and a basement pray room, but so beautifully decorated.

Pictures might not do justice of the true size of this huge domed room. Here you can see how big it actually is, yet with such intricate and impressive tile work. Once I entered the main pray room, it felt quite magical, the whole tiles, arches, high dome and the atmosphere.

The most famous massive pillar-less dome. If you have sharp eyes, you would be able to spot the peacock. The shaft of light at the top of the dome looks like a peacock’s tail.

The light.

Some details on its intricate tile work. I loved the blue spiral column-like decorations as well.


At first I was waiting for some visitors to come in and help take a picture for me. Then after a few minutes, I was thinking why not just sitting down, take a rest? Then I ended up sitting on my knees on the floor of the main hall, just soaking up the atmosphere. The light and the atmosphere inside had a calming effect. I felt like I could just admire the beautiful dome for hours.

都说波斯归来,再不看清真寺。今天我想介绍我在伊朗一行中最喜欢的一个,位于伊斯法罕的Sheikh Lotfollah清真寺。我是个旅游不太做功课的人,知道这个清真寺还是无意中遇到了一个比利时小哥,劝我一定不要错过这个,虽然它外观看上去不是很大不是特别起眼。穆斯林国家我之前就去过摩洛哥,很多人说这个清真寺是世界上最特别的,我也不知道它是不是最美的,但是我真的很喜欢这里,它的外观内内部都妙不可言。

Sheikh Lotfollah位于伊斯法罕最著名的广场上面,跟阿里卡普宫殿遥相辉映。这座清真寺曾是皇室专用,也是最早让女人进入祈祷的。相传从阿里卡普宫殿曾经同游地道直接到达对面的清真寺进行祈祷活动。