Shin Hot Spring In Hitoyoshi – a retro onsen from Shōwa period

In Kyushu’s “little Kyoto”, Hitoyosh, I found an interesting hot spring called Shin Hot Spring. Although its name “Shin” means new, yet it is nothing new from exteriors to the interiors. This old onsen is built more than 90 years ago and has kept open till now. Having seen many hot spring in Kyushu, it was surprising for me to feel this kind of retro style onsen. Follow me take a closer look at it, if you like the onsen culture in Japan, you’ll surely find it interesting.


The exterior gave me an immediate feeling of the history. I love the nostalgic blue color of the roof, that make great contrast with the the brown wood.

The cashier next to the entrance.

Look at this cute poster.

Inside the hot spring, there is a simple dressing room with a few baskets in which you put your own luggage and clothes. There’s no lockers, I guess you will need to keep your valuables at home or in the car.

Here are the baths, in Shin Hot Spring, hot spring area is separated for men and women, and the source temperature is about 42 °C. Like most of the hot springs nowadays. One interesting thing is that there’s not even a shower place before going into the baths. Shin Hot Spring is still accepting many customers, it was great to see how a rest-respective onsen can be kept alive more than 90 years later.