Songkran Bitches

It’s Songkran!

Warning: photo, title, text probably not related. I’m a experienced SHPer I know.

Phaya area during Songkran sometimes reminds me of Tokyo streets, maybe because of less traffic during this time of the year!

Thanks to Songkran, taxi is still possible, I remember before in BKK, a couple of times I have to tell taxi driver to stop and walk the way instead of waiting in traffic for hours.

Tuktuk is our disco, tuktuk driver is dj.

End of the night.

Why not much food posts from this trip besides in Malaysia? Forgot to take foodie photos always! Have to remember today!

Siam BKK

My last trip to BKK was almost 7 years ago, time really flies!

I don’t remember much of the city to be honest, because back then I almost had never travelled to the tropic, so I couldn’t stand the tropic sun. Except for a few day escape to the jungle to the north of Bangkok, my Bangkok trip was simply to stay in any shopping center in Siam and to eat Thai food.

Apparently I changed a lot, nowadays I can walk for hours under the tropic sun without a problem. I guess this time I’ll finally visit palace and temples, as I didn’t go to any of those in my last trip lol.

But firstly, the same old best Siam!

I don’t think I remember much.

Some random pictures.

Siam Center is so cool hahaha, full of cute Korean makeup shops haha.