Calle Blai – The popular Tapas Street of Barcelona 宸村缃楅偅鐨凾apas琛

鈥淭apeo鈥 (the art of eating tapas) is an important part of the Spanish culture and the social scene. The word 鈥渢apas鈥 comes from the Spanish word 鈥渢apar鈥 which means 鈥渢o cover鈥. Normally tapas consist of a bread which is topped with a slice of meat, Spanish jamon, cheese or other small portions of dishes, in a tapas bar you might also see some dessert.

In Spain, tapas bars are always lively and full of talks and laughter as the most important thing about eating tapas is to gather a friends and to socialize when Spanish people drink beer or sangria and eat tapas.

I love tapas, it kinda reminds me of those summer nights when I lived in Southern China. We have a similar culture and we call that “Dai pai dong”, it’s like a food market street where you grab some BBQ and beer, socializing with friends late at night.

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