Delicious Chocolate 🍫 bar in Belgium

Belgium is a kingdom of chocolate. There are quite a few chocolate bars in any Belgium cities and many normal cafes also offer chocolate milk with Belgian chocolate. Especially during the winter time, nothing can be better than a cup of warm chocolate. Today I’m going to show you one of my favourite ones in town. It is quite popular among the students and young girls.

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Christmas tree turned into a Carousel

This year we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the Christmas market in town by setting up a cute Christmas tree and a big wheel in Ladeuzeplein, a square that features the university library of KU Leuven. This year I wouldn’t be in Belgium for Christmas, I decided to go take a look before I head on my vacation.


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Happy SinterKlaas Day, Steemians!

Today is Dec. 6, SinterKlaas Day. The Sint is a popular character that looks similar to the better known Santa Claus, although many say that the figure of Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) and his role during Christmas, is largely based on our Sinterklaas. It is actually a festival celebrated extensively in the European low countries (the Nederlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and northern France). Continue reading Happy SinterKlaas Day, Steemians!

Chouffe Coffee: so Belgian, so Xmasy, so Delicious!

Chouffe Coffee is one of the liqueurs with 25% made in Belgium’s famous Brasserie d’Achouffe, with its iconic logo of the Chouffe gnomes.

Chouffe Coffee is a kind of liqueur based on Esprit d’Achouffe, which is an eau de vie (fruit brandy) distilled from 5-years-old beer. With the base of Esprit d’Achouffe, plus grain alcohol, coffee extracts, cacao and Juniper, and a strong dash of McChouffe (a beer made in the same Brasserie), which create the special coffee taste to Chouffe Coffee. Continue reading Chouffe Coffee: so Belgian, so Xmasy, so Delicious!