Sticky Fingers BBQ House

Summer is here, best time for BBQ. It would be nice to do a BBQ party in your backyard with a couple of friends, but if you live in the city like me, what can you do?

Luckily there’s a BBQ house in town, great place to enjoy good weather with friends there.

It’s good weather outside, nobody wants to sit inside. Belgians are one of the most crazy people about “buitenzitten” (sitting in the terrace), to enjoy the precious sun here.



Bar next door was also interesting. “Strand” means beach in Dutch. Draw some water and pretend there is a beach nearby, great try.

Fresh fruit tea / milk tea I had in Asia

It was painful looking at these pictures. I miss those so much!

The most popular brown sugar milk, nowadays it’s everywhere in Asia, everyone loves it, even though I normally never drink milk, I find it quite good.

Overhyped HeyTea, but it’s good, loved the fresh lychee drinks.

The good old Gong Cha.

Popular Taiwan milk tea brand.

Beautiful fruity milk

Multi fruit tea

I loved this fresh kiwi green tea the most!

Those are something I really miss sometimes in Europe T.T

Mango tea in Hanoi

One thing I like and miss about Asia is that you can always find interesting drinks. I’m not saying we don’t have good drinks in Europe, yes, especially in Belgium we have tasty chocolate, maybe better coffee. But let’s be honest, you find more healthy drinks in Asia and a lot of them are low in calorie so you don’t have to worry too much about your weight. ^^

The café is called Gemini, located in Hanoi’s Japan town or at least Japanese district, if there’s no such thing as Japan town there. The café has nothing to do with Japan of course, but there’s quite a few Japanese restaurants in that neighbourhood and it is one of my favorites areas in Hanoi. (I actually liked most areas in Hanoi, just love that city!)

It was a rather small place, couches are a bit small and aren’t the most comfy, but it was nice, feel quite Vietnam.

They have a large selection of fruit teas, I tried the mango one and it was tasty.

Enjoying the summer sun!

Had a great weekend, it’s 30 degrees! Unusual for Belgium summer, we are more used to the 20 or 25 degree summer days. I felt immediately European, meaning I had to drag myself outside to enjoy the precious sun, because next week is gonna be rainy again lol.

Summery terrace

Had some localised noodle soup, which wasn’t as good as in Asia.

Still missing Vietnamese iced coffee.


At least weather is nice, ice cream is good, people all seem happy, I think I got nothing to complain.