THROWBACK – Monet’s Water Lilies garden in Giverny

Went to Monet garden in Giverny a year and half ago, made a blog about it before. But as a Steemian friend said, since a lot of our old followers are leaving, I’d like to repost some photos taken there, for my new followers that missed that post. Also would like to make a steempress blog too.

I’ve been to France mant times but that was the best trip I did, the garden was stunning, like a huge botanic garden with many rare flowers. Many of Monet’s paintings including the famous water lilies come from this garden.

I loved it a lot and took thousands of pictures like always! I heard that in different seasons you see different sceneries and flowers there, so I might go visit it again, but not in the summer next time, maybe somewhere in autumn can be nice!

OK, here are some pictures:

夏天遙遙無期 發點舊照片 懷念夏天吧

莫奈在諾曼底的花園 超美!

Phare des Baleines is a tall lighthouse located at the northern tip of the island. 

It took me a while to cycle there from the Eastest village. It was nice to cycle past long coastline of the island and make some stops in between.

The lighthouse is probably the most visited place on the island, there are many restaurants and cafés in front of it. Good thing about Île de Ré is that even in some very touristic spots, price is quite reasonable compared to elsewhere. The island has a cheerful atmosphere and people are quite happy (compared to Paris etc).

You get maybe 270° open view of the Atlantic Sea, some kids were playing with water.

Tall lighthouse.

I love its stairs.

The little house is a museum, which I didn’t go visit 🙂

Shadow of the light house.


Beautiful views, worth all the effort of cycling and climbing 🙂

Have a good day!

59 Rivoli: Once a notorious artist squat, now a quirky hidden Paris gem

Although located in Paris’s high-street shopping district Rue de Rivoli, this artist collective of six floors can be easily overlooked with its very small entrance.

59 Rivoli used to be an old building abandoned by a bank. In 1999, a group of artists occupied it for their exhibitions and performances. It became one of the city’s popular illegal artist squats and also attracts a lot of visitors ever since. Years later, Paris city decided to legalise it and allow many artists to host their studios here at minimum rent.

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Musée de l’Orangerie: In the middle of Monet’s Water Lily pond

Monet’s water lilies

I remember in the summer, when I posted about a trip to Claude Monet’s house and garden in Giverny, many Steemians told me how much they loved Monet’s paintings. If you are a big fan of Monet, Paris is a paradise for you. You can find many of his artworks in the city. If you’re a Monet fan there are three places you must see In Paris: Musee D’Orsay, Musee Marmottan and l’Orangerie.

I felt so lucky to visit the actual water lilies in Giverny and since then I’ve been wanting to visit the famous water lilies paintings in Musee de l’Orangerie. Paris is known as a city full of museums, l’Orangerie wasn’t the biggest among them but it houses Monet’s water lilies paintings in a large format, which are beautifully displayed larger than life in two rooms.

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