THROWBACK – Monet’s Water Lilies garden in Giverny

Went to Monet garden in Giverny a year and half ago, made a blog about it before. But as a Steemian friend said, since a lot of our old followers are leaving, I’d like to repost some photos taken there, for my new followers that missed that post. Also would like to make a steempress blog too.

I’ve been to France mant times but that was the best trip I did, the garden was stunning, like a huge botanic garden with many rare flowers. Many of Monet’s paintings including the famous water lilies come from this garden.

I loved it a lot and took thousands of pictures like always! I heard that in different seasons you see different sceneries and flowers there, so I might go visit it again, but not in the summer next time, maybe somewhere in autumn can be nice!

OK, here are some pictures:

夏天遙遙無期 發點舊照片 懷念夏天吧

莫奈在諾曼底的花園 超美!