Le Comptoir Général

Last year I’ve been to Paris for some short trips, I think I already shared so many different spots there, yet there’s this bar called Le Comptoir Général
that I never found a chance to share with you.

It’s a rather popular place to hang out, because you can hard find any seat there if you go on a weekend night.

random street, really really random photo lol

the bar is decorated in a very African style, I visited it before I went to Africa, haha.

You can get some snacks there in case you are hungry ^^

Great place to have a drink during the day or at night.

Address: 80 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, Frankrijk

Some daily pics in Brussels

Taken inside tram 92 in Brussels, close to Petit-Sablon. I used to take this tram to French language school for a year. That was such a great time, although I forgot basically everything I learnt back then. Quite awesome.

But still it was a wonderful and fun time. Met some truly interesting people there, although now don’t have much contact with them any more. Everytime I take this tram, memories just flow back.

C12, is linked to Brussels central station, it is a great party venue, everyobe loves it, at least everyone I hang out with, loves it! ^^

Molenbeek, looks like they try to rebrand this infamous troublesome area into some cool hipster neighrhood. Not sure if it’s a success or not. This building looks like a simple version of the signature building in La Boca, Bs As, if that’s what they think about too.

Ordered some CBD, should be arrive before I leave for Asia. It’s been popular in Belgium nowadays.

Went to eat ramen the other day, the best ramen shop in Belgium I believe. It’s located in Zaventem, there’s Toyota company in that town, so Japanese workers come here everyday to have ramen, it’s like their canteen in fact. Nowadays there are so many new ramen places opening throughout the country, still I like this one the best!

Belgian waffle truck

I live in Belgium, I like waffles.

We have so many different waffles, the soft squared shaped Brusselse waffle, Liege waffle, the one that is similar to bread dough, also sweeter and thicker. I prefer Brussels waffle better but on the street normally you find those sweeter one with different fruit and cream toppings.

Except those two famous waffles, I like those sold in the market and bakkeries. There is this cute waffle truck seeling fresh waffles of all flavors.

My favorite one is chocolate and salty peanuts.


You can buy a mixed bag to taste ^^

I think I got some with apple, cinnamons, chocolate and speculaas.

Have a good weekend!!

🚃 ⛲️ 🌲 🌹 📖 🤳

I hope the weather is great where you are! In Belgium it’s been above 15 degrees for a couple of days already. Tomorrow it’s gonna be the last warm day, better make the best out of it!

WARNING: a lot of selfies in this post.

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🚃 I love taking trams when it’s not too busy of course, in the suburb of Brussels, it’s never very busy luckily!

Sunny park ⛲️ is the best, especially below 20 degrees, 15-20 would be the best. I can’t stand the scorching sun in the summer, so never get excited when it’s too warm.

Have a good day!