Yesterday I decided to spend the afternoon in a bar in town, before the heat wave comes next week.

The bar is great in the summer, it has a lovely garden with a cute peacock.

Belgium summer is short, so I try to drag myself outside, to enjoy the precious nice weather.


Found back lost wallet

Remember I lost my walket before I went on the trip? That was so annoying especially when you lost your bank card and ID card. I had to pay the expensive fee for the new ID in order to get it the day after.

Those few days I went to different embassies and quite a few ither places all around the city, I didn’t remember lose them, how could I lose the purse and wallet together, weird.

Seems like I really did lose them all together, in a chocolate bar. Someone found them on a chocolate bar and the police imformed me to pick it up after I got back.

hm…. I must have been daydreaming then, or maybe the chocolate was too tasty, so I didn’t even remember to bring the purse with me after finishing it?? I wasn’t even drunk, it was a chocolate bar, unless I took something with alcohol there? Still strange.

Better be more careful next time. Good that I found it back, I love my white purse, it’s too cute to lose ^^

Summer in the city

Summer and winter in Belgium have totally different vibes, in the summer everything is so sizzling and cheerful, that you forget the winter is so long and gloomy. Even though I’m the kind of person who mostly stays at home when I’m in Belgium, these days I do sometimes go outside take a walk or have some drinks with friends, just to feel the good vibes.

Pride is coming, thats why they paint de beurs in colors.

And tour de france is also here soon, there will be a Grand Depart somewhere in Belgium, some of my Belgian friends are really into it and trying to see the departure. I don’t get it maybe because I don’t watch much sport except for tennis, but it’s nice they put so many cute wheels in the center of Brussels!

Aperol Spritz 🍹 + Sun 🌞 + 🎡 = Perfect Summer

Greetings from Brussels!

It’s already the first day of the second half of the year, how time flies!

Belgium in the summer time can be quite nice, with all those outdoor summerbars and stages!

I think I once introduced Brusselse Kanal area, one of the city’s major nightclubs is here, there are some nice modern art museums around as well.

The recent Kanal museum is under construction, so they decided to close it for a while. So this party is called Stop Kanal, I guess it’s just an excuse for people to have some fun in the summer.

DJ sets presented by Cologne label Kompakt

I πŸ’š Aperol Spritz!