#OOTD – the past two weeks

I love summer days, in the summer you can wear more colorful clothes.

In fact, most of my clothes the whole year round are quite colorful, because life is already boring, we need more colors! But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s difficult to find colorful a winter coat (I’m still trying!)

I love taking mirror selfies in the elevator because elevator time is boring, if you are lucky, you’ve got a nice mirror inside so you can take selfies like this.

I did got caught by neighbours a couple of times when I forgot to push the button and they entered, found me inside taking pictures…. that was embarrasing, thank you, Instagram stories!

Above are my ootds from the past two weeks, I don’t go outside every day but those were the days I went outside!

Weather has been comfortable these days, 21-25 degrees, so you can wear summer clothes but without sweating!


Green = My favroite color = My energy

Yesterday I went to this small festival near a small forest in Heverlee, where my university campus used to be. So many memories of this place, haven’t been there for a while, maybe ever since I left uni.

In the summer, they set up some stages and people picnic for the afternoon and evening.

I’ve said summer is the best thing in Europe, you don’t have to go to all these paid festivals but also many free events like this to go, full of happy people and good vibes.

I might not ever work things out
I might live my whole life not knowing how
I’ve survived up until now
And it’s all been worth it

Just enjoy life i guess

Weekend Updates

Heatwave is over.

It was raining the entire weekend after a ultra dry week. For the first time (or second time) I realized I’ve never liked rain so much, finally I can understand why a lot of Iranians I met on my trip there loved rain so much, every one would go outside enjoy the rain once it was raining there.

I like the 20-25 degree typical Belgium summer. Comfortable.

A Peruvian friend of mine is throwing a house party for her 2 year old. I haven’t seen them that much ever since they had baby, busy family life I guess. So it was nice to meet them and this little friend again.

Cute toy kitchen

Happy birthday!

A tradition from latin American countries, you hit the colorful box, then gifts fall down, then kids grab the gift for theirselves.

This reminds me so much of Cinco de Mayo that I used to celebrate with some Mexican friends back in China. We all had to hit that box then get our gifts.

Barcelona trip booked!

It’s been a while since I last visited Barcelona! I’ve been saying that I need to go back for a while, maybe since this year’s @dtube forum a few months ago. Too bad I missed it because I was in Taiwan.

Finally booked the tickets for next month. I’m looking forward to Augustus.

Barcelona is such a nice city to visit, isn’t it!

Although I’ve been there a couple of times already, I guess I’ve done all the touristic stuff, so I still need to think about what I can do there, but the city is nice just to chill. It could be nice to meet up with some Steemians, such as @hauptmann himself.