Most beautiful concert venue in Brussels – Le Botanique

As a live concert lover, I’m familiar with most concert halls in Brussels. There are quite a few in the city, Brussels is a great city for all kinds of concerts.

I would be happy every time the concert is in Le Botanique, simply because it’s more beautiful than other halls.

While waiting for the concert, you can take a walk inside the botanic garden in front of the hall, or sit in the terrace grab a drink with the view of the city.

It’s not far from Brussels Nord train station, about 10 min walk.

The garden

Concert Hall

The botanic garden is probably not the most impressive one with the most kinds of plants. But the concert venue is beautiful and nicely decorated.

Long times ago Le Botanique, as its name suggests, must have been a botanic garden, and the greenhouse shaped concert hall was supposed to be a greenhouse.

But for many years it’s been like now, the venue is more for upcoming talent, acoustics, experimental sort of concerts, and often tickets aren’t too expensive conpared to those already established bands. It’s fun to discover some new bands there.

Bands/singers that played here in Botanique or in Brussels are painted on the ground.

There are several halls in various sizes.

Drahla, post-punk band from Leeds

In short, old botanic garden turning into lovely concert venue, not far from Brussels Nord, might worth a visit in the sunmer or if there’s some upcoming bands you want to see.





Enjoying the last warm days with Atomium and music

Summer came back this weekend! There was an openair party going on at Brussels’ famous landmark Atomium yesterday. No reason not to enjoy the last warm days here!

I’ve once been inside Atomium, when I first arrived in Belgium, the tiny tubes are lift connecting each ball (viwing point), the top one is a café, if you haven’t change it.

Not much of the view from Atomium, not a perfect place to get a view of the city since it’s too far from the center. The area around is not bad though, covered with nice parks.

Yesterday there was an open air music event. If you’ve followed my blog, you probably noticed we have a lot of such free music events in a lot of parks and squares in Brussels. I truly love them.

The reason I like to drink during the day is that you have the whole evening to recover, won’t get a hangover the next day when you wake up.

Big pot of chocolate Aramena gelato

Summer is fading away, the day is getting shorter and colder every day, but it doesn’t mean I will go without ice cream.

Ice cream truck downstairs will still stay open until the end of the month (I don’t get why ice creams shops here have to close during the winter. I love eating ice cream in the winter too) Now you can already order a big pot of ice cream from them.

Te flavors they have, I normally take the ones zonder zuivel. I don’t like all those super creamy ones, I prefer sorbet or fruity ones.

Big pot costs €12.

Love the cherries ^^



看到有卖桶装的,我也决定囤一些回家吃,选了巧克力樱桃口味 😋,一大桶12欧,挺合算呢!

Fun Fair time! | 🎠 旋转嘉年华会 🎪

It’s fun fair time again! It’s been quite a long time since I moved to Europe. I remember when I first arrived, it was around this time and there was also the travelling fun fair in town. Many years have passed, fun fair stays pretty much the same every year. Yet I go there every year, not a big fan of all the thrill rides, just to eat some churros.

I never liked amusement parks much, probably because I simply can’t take all the ride, once I finally dared to get in, I got sick afterwards lol, so among all these attractions, I can only ride caroussel. What a shame, because they look so fun!

Yet, I love carroussels, especially those fancy old carroussels with exquisite decorations. I love’em so much that once in Paris I paid a visit in a super lovely fun fair museum full of caroussels and other kinds of attractions. I need to re-visit it again to take some better pictures though, when I get a better camera!

Here are some pictures from the fun fair, I know they look the same every year but, anyways!

Do you like fun fair? Do you have travelling fun fair in your country as well?