The breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass and trip updates

Still can’t believe that I made it, as a first time motorbiker, so proud of myself lol.

Road to the mountain pass, zigzag zigzag…

Spectacular lake from different angles along the ride

Tripod sometimes does a better job than random people lol

Wonder why I didn’t share any food post in Ha Giang area like I normally do wherever I travel?

Currently I’m still recovering from a bad food poisoning, probably ate something really bad on my first day of the motorbike loop, which sucks, because I was already on the way, had nowhere to just returb the motorbike, couldn’t do anything but take some pills and continue the trip.

When I saw this view, it was so comforting, all the efforts worth! But still it could be better if I could have tried all the mountain specialty dishes, instead of eating papayas and mangoes for 3 days lol.

Need to do spa and massage the whole day as soon as I get back to Hanoi, what a trip. 😖🤒😪

Rainforest and butterflies 🦋

Near New Debiso, there is an area of rainforest in the Bia National Park. New Debiso is a tiny little village in Ghana, around 10 km from Debiso, not far from CI-Ghana border.

West Africa isn’t the best place to see the animals, except in Benin, other countries it’s not easy to find BIG 5. That’s probably also the reason that hold people back from visiting the region, no many animals, the beach isn’t the most stunning, plus the language barriers, why should we visit West Africa indeed? I might make a post about this question I get from friends later.

It wasn’t even rain season, during rain season you can see quite a lot of butterflies in the rainforest. But still during the trakking, I got to spot some butterflies.

Even though it wasn’t rain season, there were still quite a few of them flying around. Besides butterflies there wasn’t much to see. But you can stay in a guesthouse in the park, which isn’t bad and the owner is super nice.

Have a good Monday, although I heard this Monday is the most depressive Monday in the year.

「Suizenji Jojuen Garden」a Japanese circular garden of Momoyama period style

The Suizenji Jojuen Garden in Kumamoto is a typical Japanese circular garden where you can find Japanese sculpturing art at its best. Inside the garden every bush and hedge seemed precisely cut to perfection. It was named Jojuen after a sentence of a poem written by Tao Yuanming. The garden is hidden in a suburb of Kumamoto. The garden was very quiet and peaceful. it brought me surprisingly refreshing tranquil feeling while walking around.

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First glance at Kyushu’s retro-feel onsen village – Kurokawa Onsen

Just arrived in Kyushu’s most retro-feel onsen village. In Kyushu there are quite a few onsen spots, among which Kurokawa is considered Kyushu’s hidden gem. This small and charming village is located in the middle of Kyushu, near the active volcano Aso.

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