The breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass and trip updates

Still can’t believe that I made it, as a first time motorbiker, so proud of myself lol.

Road to the mountain pass, zigzag zigzag…

Spectacular lake from different angles along the ride

Tripod sometimes does a better job than random people lol

Wonder why I didn’t share any food post in Ha Giang area like I normally do wherever I travel?

Currently I’m still recovering from a bad food poisoning, probably ate something really bad on my first day of the motorbike loop, which sucks, because I was already on the way, had nowhere to just returb the motorbike, couldn’t do anything but take some pills and continue the trip.

When I saw this view, it was so comforting, all the efforts worth! But still it could be better if I could have tried all the mountain specialty dishes, instead of eating papayas and mangoes for 3 days lol.

Need to do spa and massage the whole day as soon as I get back to Hanoi, what a trip. ???