Never so excited for a festival

I’m ultra excited, because of Pukkelpop this weekend. Festivals are my main summer activities in Belgium, really nothing special but I got sooooooooo excited I don’t know why.

Maybe because it is Pukkelpop that I normally don’t really go, or is it because I have two of my fav bands to see there, I’m thinking the whole about the possiblity I can sneak into the backstage to take a picture with them ^^ (be careful of groupies, Skegss).

BTW it’s actually BSF (Brussels Summer Festival) in town, also a great festival right in the center of Brussels.

Pictures below have nothing to do with the text above, as usual, just some random night out pictures, except I got a bit more excited, as you can see.

Have you ever tried mango beer? I loved it so much! It’s mango sour beer, not sweet.

#OOTD – the past two weeks

I love summer days, in the summer you can wear more colorful clothes.

In fact, most of my clothes the whole year round are quite colorful, because life is already boring, we need more colors! But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s difficult to find colorful a winter coat (I’m still trying!)

I love taking mirror selfies in the elevator because elevator time is boring, if you are lucky, you’ve got a nice mirror inside so you can take selfies like this.

I did got caught by neighbours a couple of times when I forgot to push the button and they entered, found me inside taking pictures…. that was embarrasing, thank you, Instagram stories!

Above are my ootds from the past two weeks, I don’t go outside every day but those were the days I went outside!

Weather has been comfortable these days, 21-25 degrees, so you can wear summer clothes but without sweating!

πŸ₯¬ OOTD πŸ₯¬ and more

I feel like a Napa cabbage today.

I have way more dresses/skirts than trousers in my wardrobe, because I buy everything online, trousers are difficult to shop online. But I do have some wide pants, nowadays everyone loves wearing wide pants right?

Difference between me and internet influencer: I need to buy top, trousers, shoes, bags myself ^^ (so I won’t tag from which shops I bought my clothes) but I pose just like them.

lift selfie is a thing

I had to cover my double chin 😭 definitely need to lose weight 😭😭😭😭

πŸ₯¬ drinking 🍺


Lift selfies OOTD

I mostly stay at home, but every time I go outside, I take a selfie in the lift.

Some random lift selfies from this month. I’m happy I also record the temperatur of the day, just in case I don’t know what to wear, I’m doing this because before I always dress too warm or too cold. It can happen when you don’t go outside much. Never know the temperature outside haha.