Who’s got Steemfest ticket already?

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Happy HF21 day, everyone!

On this special day, I’d like to know how many of you have already got Steemfest tickets? As if I check @Steemfest wallet transfer, I don’t see many comfirmed transfer yet. I guess it can be most of the people will buy with fiat rather than directly with Steem/SBD?

Myself haven’t decided whether to go or not. But it’s interesting to know who’s going.

If you also haven’t decided to go yet, what holds you back?

If you think you are going but haven’t got the ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Higher crypto proce? Payday? HF21? Or else?

Hey let’s discussed it.


The Road to Steem Fest | Why do I want to go to Steem Fest?

original contest post:

Hey Steemians, I’d like to talk about why I’d like to attend Steemfest in Bangkok this year.

I live quite far from Bangkok, flight takes at least 12 hours to get there, but still I’d like to attend this awesome event to meet cool Steemians like @roelandp himself and others.

I was in the past two Steemfests, both were wonderful experiences that I won’t forget easily. I’ve met so many interesting Steemians, both those I was upvoting and commenting, also made some new friends that becomes not only Steem friends but also real life friends. For someone slightly anti-social like me, this is really important to me.

Compared to the past two Steemfests, this one can be even more special to me, reasons?

  • It’s in the tropical Thailand, I think it would be more fun, because the past fests were cold and you need to wear jacket at night lol.
  • I really love Bangkok, it was the city where I did my first ever solo trip many years ago, ever since I’ve started travelling a lot, so it’s a city very important to me, many memories.
  • It’s in Asia, and I’m Asian myself.
  • I met a couple of Steemians in Taiwan, I believe some of them will come too, it would be cool to see more members from cn community there.
  • I promise to bring JOY at the fest ^^

So if you like me, feel free to fund me, I’ll thank you in Bangkok haha.


… is a really nice city and also world’s most visited city for many years.

Have you read @roelandp’s post yet? Ticket sale for Steem Fest is open now! If you haven’t heard about Steem Fest yet, do check out the website, there’re videos of the last fests so that you can have an idea about it.

I was in the last two Steem Fest and I had great fun. So I highly recommend everyone to participate if you haven’t been to any.

Although I don’t know if I’ll be in Bangkok yet, it’s a lovely city and here are some photos I took from my last Bangkok trip earlier this year:

I read there will be a boat tour at Steem Fest, I did a boat tour in Bangkok too.

Huge buddha, his hair looks so much like durian, maybe I just miss durian?

I love this mall!

I love this mall even more!

Beautiful temples

Falling in love with Bangkok tuktuk

– – –

I’m still not sure if I’ll make it, but if I do, let’s all take this disco-style tuktuk together, Steem tuktuk!


大家有没看到 @roelandp的帖子, SteemFest门票开始出售了!222欧元最低票价,正常票价是444欧元,可以用加密货币或者信用卡法币支付。如果大家还不知道,这次的SteemFest在曼谷举行!门票包括大会期间的餐饮,场馆,游船,最后的结束晚餐,还有很多纪念品!



Recap SteemFest3 + photo drop

While seeing all the recap posts for this years these two days, I didn’t feel it ends until today. On my way back to Belgium now.

It was great and I had a lot of fun. Thanks! I think I already dropped some of the photos the past few days, here are some more 🙂

I’m sure you guys all enjoyed using steemhunt and @tasteem, it was great to meet the founders of these two awesome apps, @project7 and Travis.

Victoria @bugavi and Olga @olga.maslievich, I was following your story of travelling to Poland from you getting the visa to the bus trip on Steem and it was great to meet you two in person. And Victoria, your English is good, you don’t have to worry.

@greencross @anahilarski, @neopch, @roxane, @tasteem…, we love the boat and we are captains lol

@anahilarski, I hope you guys enjoy your Eurotrip and all the best with future project!

@steemcafe, you are always great fun.

@stoodkev, you too, so much fun! See you in Tainan!

CN community gathering! @crypto.talk @partiko @travelgirl!

@rea, I can always laugh to tears with you. Remember “refill” and that dance? Haha

I’ll find out soon how travelling in West Africa will be like and thanks for the great advice, @surf-yogi

You are a star @coruscate, it was so great finally meet you in person!

@world-travel-pro, that “travel pro” selfie finally!

@greencross @kevinli @steemmatt, why’s this photo like this, whats wrong with the color?

I’m happy that I had to extend my trip to spend some time with Team Malaysia, @joannewong @elizacheng @bitrocker2020 @aaronleang, you guys arr awesome, I hope to meet you guys in KL maybe next year?

Of course not to forget te legendary @nathanmars and @ddaily fam!

Probably many more photos I already included in the previous posts. And also there’re many more awesome Steemians I hope I had some photos to post here: @daveonarrival @jrvacation @suesa @kevinwong @demotruk @abh12345 @lizanomadsoul @ramengirl @timsaid @shogo @yoshiko @knozaki2015 @kinokimochi @anomadsoul @firepower, @gtg @steembirds and more…

Nice meeting you guys and sinxe I love travelling, maybe see you guys somewhere.