Market Friday!

Yo yo, it’s market Friday again? Exciting, because I always take so many pictures in all kinds of markets! Here are some more photos taken in the markets from my West Africa trip!

Above is the chicken market. I don’t know why I made such a face, wasn’t I supposed to be happy to see chickens? Chicken is very, very important in West Africa. Be prepared to eat chicken every day if you plan to travel there!

Ice cream, to be more specific, frozen yogurt, because it’s literally frozen yogurt.

Busy busy market street!

Fuel bottles for motorbikes.

So, tell me, how can I have hair like theirs?

I constantly heard people saying “Chinois, Chinois” when they saw me. (But shouldn’t it be Chinoise? lol)  I normally get pissed off when I heard “nihao”, “ching chong” or things like this in Europe, but oddly enough I was totally fine with it in Africa, don’t know why… Anyways, they wanted me to take a selfie together with them, so here it is! This happened a lot in places like Colombia, CI or Iran. Nice to visit those places where Chinese tourists are not everywhere yet!

Next time I think I need to start a Polaroid fundition project or something, so that I can give out photos directly to them! If they want of course… (Polaroid films are expensive!)

Do you dare to eat these? I didn’t, coward! Wait, is it really for eating though?

Sandwiches you get in the market, they use newspaper to wrap food in Africa, which is not bad, hygienic enough? At least I survived! One of those moments I’m glad that I have a strong stomach, trained by eating street food for years in China ^^ Oh and you can read while enjoying your food.


Bear market now, no more taxi, take DalaDala instead, 40 times cheaper!

DalaDala is the minibus in Zanzibar, like many countries that work with minibuses, whenever the car gets filled, it leaves.

Picture above was insane, I know. It reminds me of the tuktuks in India or those colorful chicken buses in Tierradentro, Colombia.

Luckily the one I took from Stone Town to Jambiani wasn’t filled that bad.

Bus station in Kerekwek, a town outside Stone Town, I first took a minibus there.

In KereKwek you can find many daladala to the Southern coastal villages.

Driver were filling the top of the car with luggages, I was soon amazed by how much it can fit. Seems people from villages all come to Stone Town to buy fruits/flours etc even eggs and take back home with DalaDala.

Anyways, I got a seat for 2000 shillings (less than 1$) to get to Jambiani. Oh forgot to say, you always pay after the trip.

It can get really full for part of the trip.

Scenic ride.

Fruits looking good.

Actually lot of times I prefer those crazy local public tranport even if it’s not bear market. It somehow adds fun to the trip.

「Joy’s story vending machine」Hrazdan Gorge in Yerevan

Last year I travelled a lot, I think there are still a lot of pictures I haven’t shared yet. Not yet Thurday yet but I want to throw back to Yerevan. I was there last autumn for a short stopover before taking the overnight bus to Tehran. 

Yerevan was lovely as far as I remember, the city is not as beautiful as those in neighbour country Georgia. Yet I enjoyed it, especially the walking I made in Hrazdan Gorge, an area just outside the city. It is also said to be the oldest human settlement in Armenia. 

There is a train station and amusement park for kids to play. When I went there, it was rainy, I saw no children there, but a group of locals drinking cognac and having fun. they seemed a bit drunk and it was only at noon. People in the Caucasus are friendly, they soon invited me to have a cup of cognac with them. I don’t mind but of course I couldn’t drink much with them, had some other places to go, haha. Hospitality in Caucasus countries is such a delight for travellers in my opinion.

I miss the colourful leaves and lovely little river there. 

The walk was longer than I thought, at one point I got a bit bored (mostly from the rain) and couldn’t get a uber or cafe to sit down. Found some restaurants on the way, not in the mood to have meal though, so I asked if I can just have a coffee, the owner made me a Turkish coffee but he refused to take the money lol. 

I don’t like Turkish coffee in general but I loved it when travelling in the Caucasus. 


Joy的故事贩卖机 – 亚美尼亚Hrazdan山谷



Hrazdan Gorge是个离中心不远,有点隐蔽的小山谷,我不记得我是坐公车还是走路过去的,不过Yerevan本身不大,到处都可以走路。在这里看到了超级美丽的秋色。小桥流水,加上层次鲜明的各色红叶。山谷里面有个小孩专用火车站,天气好的时候是开给小孩玩的。我去的时候下雨,住在附近的当地人直接把火车变成了野餐地点。和格鲁吉亚人一样,亚美尼亚人也很热情好客,招呼我跟他们一起喝Cognac酒,当时才中午他们看样子已经喝了一阵子了。我当然不能喝太多,于是喝了一小口就道别了。



Joy hasn’t done a #colorchallenge for long – Monday Red

Just suddenly feel nostalgic of these #colorchallenge steem days, a year or so back, I was posting one picture of different colors every day and had a lot of fun that time 😀 

#colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra.


Photo taken in Plovdiv, Bulgaria earlier this year, under a tree full of Martenitsa, coincidentally enough, I’ve visited Bulgaria twice always around the same time, around March/April, where you see the red colored Martenitsa everywhere. But I wasn’t only aware of what it is since my last visit, Steem makes me start doing more research when travelling I guess. 

Some locals explained me it’s for the festival called “Baba Marta” that falls on 1st of March and is celebrated throughout the month. Martenitsa, this small piece of adornment, made of white and red yarn, is a Bulgarian way to express spring, health, peace and fertility.