Timisoara in Transylvania, Romania

Timisoara is a colorful and vivid city in Western Romania. It has a history of over 1000 years and the city has the perfect combination of traditional and modern culture. It’s also Romania’s famous university city, making this little city vivid and energetic, featuring a buzzing nightlife.

When I was in Timisoara, people told me it’s often referred as Little Vienna because its beautiful architectures and art activities. Back then I was not that interested in museums and art galleries. But I did notice there were a lot of amazing architectures with different styles: Baroque, Roman Catholic, Serbian Orthodox cathedrals. etc.

“De Hoorn” – From Beer Brewery to Idea Brewery

De Hoorn, an old beer brewery for Stella Artois.

The Belgian city Leuven is home to the famous Belgian beer Stella Artois. De Hoorn Brewery used to be a brewery for Stella Artois. It was founded in 1923. The historical building is protected thanks to its special meaning to the Artois monumental brewery and its unique construction structure. In 1926 Stella Artois was brewed for the first time.