Siam BKK

My last trip to BKK was almost 7 years ago, time really flies!

I don’t remember much of the city to be honest, because back then I almost had never travelled to the tropic, so I couldn’t stand the tropic sun. Except for a few day escape to the jungle to the north of Bangkok, my Bangkok trip was simply to stay in any shopping center in Siam and to eat Thai food.

Apparently I changed a lot, nowadays I can walk for hours under the tropic sun without a problem. I guess this time I’ll finally visit palace and temples, as I didn’t go to any of those in my last trip lol.

But firstly, the same old best Siam!

I don’t think I remember much.

Some random pictures.

Siam Center is so cool hahaha, full of cute Korean makeup shops haha.

10 reasons why I love Thailand 喜欢泰国的十个理由

Thailand is a destination in many people’s travel bucket list or many have already been to. It’s a super tourist friendly country. Great food, nice weather, friendly people. It was the first country I visit independently and afterwards I’ve been to 50 countries until now and still counting. I always view Thailand as the magic place to start my life adventure. I traveled in Thailand for around a month and here I’d like to share the reason I love this country.


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