“Where are you from?”

I’ve never thought about this question much before.

But then when I’m travelling, it’s always the first question they ask about me. “Where are you from? Chinese? Korean?”

Why does it matter so much? But I’m too nice so I never tell them “why does it matter?” Maybe I should tell them from now on.

“Where are you from?”

Tricky question, isn’t it! My English isn’t the best, I see this question similar like where you were born, but it also doesn’t make sense.

I was born in China, and spent most of my life so far in China, most of my education happened in China, Mandarin is the only language I can say I can speak fluently.

Does it mean I should tell people I’m from China? But still why does it matter?

To be honest, nowadays I feel more if a culture shock when I’m in China than when I’m in Europe.

Sometimes I think it’s not because I’ve been living outside China long enough, even when I live in China, I didn’t agree with a lot of common values there and find a lot of topics people are interested in not so interesting to me.

If someone living abroad for 20 years, should they say they are from the residence country? How about 30 years? It just doesn’t work this way, it all depends on how people view and identify themselves I believe.

Maybe I think too much about people asking where I’m from. Maybe they just curious because some people mistake me as Japanese or Korean.

But also it’s a dangerous question that I try to avoid asking others nowadays when I meet new friends. Because it’s too easy to categorize people this way.

Where I’m from isn’t important, which languages I speak isn’t important either. I don’t have to represent a certain group of people based on their nationality. I’m a citizen of this planet who happens to live in different countries, to speak a few (broken) languages and to travel around a bit.

🥥🌺🌊👧🏻 and some thoughts

Hi, greetings from Nha Trang. Once I reach the beach, I become lazy and start doing nothing.

Here they have grab, which is awesome, I don’t even need to walk 300 meters to get ice coffee, can just get someone buying it for me.

How’s Nha Trang? Hmmmm… if you think it’s quiet, no the beach is too busy, and there are too many Chinese group tourists in the center, literally everywhere, packed, basically no escape from them. Can be a case study for the harm overtourism brings lol.

When I see such things, sometimes I think about who to blame overtourism, tour companies, tourists, bad marketing? Slavery waging, lack of paid yearly leave? Or simply people’s innocence, gullibility, or the greedy human nature, horrible mass tourism industry, or the general scammy culture in Asia and some other parts of the world?

I don’t know, or maybe actually everyone is happy, some got to make profit, without care how the image on their destination is; the others shout loudly on the streets of other countries, don’t give a shit how people think about them, as long as they eat their seafood, spent some money, all good. For the rest nobody gives. Then why should I worry anyway? haha

All that being said (geez, So much rambling, sorry lol) beach is beach, not too bad for me at all.


It is the time of the year you start reposting summer holiday pictures

I’m too lazy to go outside now, went outside the other day for a short while and caught a cold. Ever since I have been staying in and eating sandwiches.

Winter in this part of Europe is depressing, sometimes I ask myself why I am here. But I don’t like to always think negative, it’s unhealthy. What I do is to think about what is good here. In Belgium, not so much great (Asian) food but the nightlife scene is great, you can find a lot of fun even in the winter, if you don’t mind getting out in the cold of course. There’s a special “museum fever” night with interesting afterparty very soon in Brussels, I think I need to go!

Plus, another solution against winter depression is to think back good summer days. So I guess it’s time we post some summer pictures, at least by looking at them, you feel there’s something to look forward to!

Let’s repost some summer pictures then. Picture above was taken in Île de Ré. I love that place, probqbly so far my favorite spot in France and the whole area near where I am.

Always want to make a proper travel blog for that little island. But I’ve been procristnating since forever. It’s likely I will never get it done, maybe I just hate making travel blogs, simply not my thing. I actually wonder if anyone really likes to write travel blogs. Even for such a travel enthousiast like me who always likes to recommend friends about where to go for a trip. But still, I prefer to write only practical informations rather than the travel inspiration sort of stuff. Because if I want to see photos, I open instagram, search for hashtag or type places, I can find plenty of them.

Maybe that’s because I mostly know what to expect for many places, all I need to more practical info, then I can go discover it. But maybe some people prefer looking at pictures, I don’t really know, maybe.

Even for me there’re exceptions, for example right now I’m checking for all travel info about Seoul, it’s in my opinion a great city although I can’t remember much. I loved it just like how I love Paris and Berlin, because I love nicely and unique designed cafés and bars. Seoul is perfect for this, in this case I’d like to see pictures of those cafés and the baverage they get there. But that’s just an exception.

Talking about Île de Ré, all I have to say is that island is awesome, if you ever plan to visit France, check it out. Don’t listen to what I say, go see.

Let’s talk about why we use Steem

Image result for steem blockchainsource

Let’s talk about the reason why we are using Steem. Not only Steemit, but also the Steem dapps, say DTube, DLive, Steemhunt, Steepshot.

The other day when I was in the music festival, I was so excited that I took countless photos and videos. I’d like to share them with my friends who weren’t there, so I was uploading them to Instagram stories, almost every friend of mine like using the “Instagram stories”. At some point, I really hope I could use Steepshot as easily as Instagram and all my friends start Steem it.

In fact, some of my friends did join Steem but they were too busy or lazy, I guess, to make a post (yea, post or blog sounds big and time-consuming). As just a small dolphin, I also couldn’t give them any guarantee of the payout. It shouldn’t be my problem of course but the payout seems to be the top.1 interest for most people coming here, and if no rewards after a while, they leave. 

Some Steemians say that we shouldn’t care too much of the payout, or view the whole Steem eco-system as simply a rewarded social media platform. I totally understand it, as Steem is a revolution, it is a blockchain of opportunities and it can have great potential too.

However, how’s user experience then? 

I was so happy that I could do mobile live streaming in the festival the other day, but shouldn’t it be normal for a live streaming platform? Why was I so happy then? lol. 

The other day I told one of my friend now you can do “instagram” on Steem now, she was more than happy to use it, but then told me it was so slow to use, so imagine, for a newbie, if you don’t make any penny on Steem, then what’s the motivation of using it then?

I’m totally aware of the fact Steem blockchain is only 2 years old, it’s in absolute early age of a product and the dapp teams are probably working hard, here I only want to discuss the user experience for Steem.

Or maybe Steem isn’t made for everyone to use?

Just like Utopian or Steemhunt, its rule and restrictions makes it not for everyone to use.

Then I guess it’s for those who still see a potential of Steem? Or for those who don’t care taking longer time to test out blogging on…blockchain?

What do you think about it and why are you staying on Steem?