I miss Taiwan night market food!

Have you ever been to Taiwan, it’s such a lovely place I loved it!

Well, I didn’t like it that much when I first arrived in Tainan. I thought it was modern as Japan, maybe not as modern as Tokyo but at least… but it wasn’t what I thought, Taiwan feels more nostalgic, like something you see in 80s Hong Kong movies or something.

But I quickly started to like it, I like how genuine everything is, people are warm and nice. They don’t have that many huge shopping centers like many other Asian cities, but you see various food markets, family run little restaurants in most cities. Streets are alive and vibrant.

The most wonderful thing about Taiwan is its night markets.

Here are some photos I took in various markets. I could have taken more pictures but maybe I was too busy eating.

Can you guess what those snacks are?

I love Taiwanese beef noodles!!

Colorful Cakes

Some colorful sweets I find in a market in Penang.

They look so cute.

I bought a few of each color, taste like glutinous rice based with different flavors: coconut, pandan etc.

Not sure how they achieve such bright color but I love pandan flavor, I’m so obsessed about the flavor.

Have you ever tried such sweets?

Some more Seoul pictures

Here I found some unposted pictures that I took in Seoul.

^ should be a traditional Korean clothing rental shop where you can find the special clothes from the end of Joseon dynasty (1876-1910), where clothing fashion in Korea got heavily influenced by western clothing style. (Google it if you are interested, those clothes look so nice!)

Nowadays it becomes sort of a trend to rent such clothes when visiting traditional Korean palaces or sites. I saw many Korean tourists do it too, now I kinda regret that I didn’t try those clothes.

Some more pictures taken in Seoul.

Vietnamese pancakes in Hanoi and my remarks for this restaurant

On a rainy day in Hanoi, I decided to find myself some restaurant and try some nice dishes.

The restaurant is near old train station and the famous train road in Hanoi, really great location.

It’s specialised in Vietnamese pancakes, you can see how they make food at the entrance, like many restaurants in Vietnam do.

When I went there for the first time by myself, everything was just perfect, maybe because they saw me vlogging the whole time, and they were so friendly, teaching me how to roll everything into the paper roll. I sometimes feel a bit prioritized when people especially restaurant owners thought I was a vlogger and therefore treat me nice, because you know the fact, no one really watches my vlog ^^

But then when I went back to Hanoi to meet a friend of mine. We went there eat again, they tried to give us less change back. My friend realised it luckily, because I might simply forgot to count otherwise.

Have to remember always checking the change if you go to this restaurant.

Food was nice though, I have nothing to complain about the food there, it’s traditional dishes from Mekong area, indeed similarly tasty as I later tried in Mekong Delta.