Tasty glutinous rice bowl in Hanoi

Hey, I miss Vietnam so much! In Belgium when you think about Vietnamese food, you can only find pho, pho isn’t bad of course, but there’s so much more varieties if food you can find in Vietnam. I guess it’s normal, just like in the west, when it comes to Indian food, you only find chicken tikka masala or chicken curry, I remember when I first visited India, I got so confused with their menu, as nowhere you can the word “curry” in the menu lol. So, in Vietnam, I was sooooo happy to try all kinds of local dishes! This little restaurant is called Xoi Yen, it seemed somewhat popular, sometimes you have to queue if you want to take away, but inside there are normally seats. Hanoi old town is touristic, you find English and Chinese language in the menu, so it’s easy to understand. Glutinous rice is their specialty, you can choose what kind of rice you want, then choose toppings, there are so many toppings to choose from, meat, chicken, mushrooms etc. I find it super tasty ^^ If you are in Hanoi, don’t forget to check it out!