The jazzy Sketches Of Brunswick East

Sketches Of Brunswick East, a collaborated album by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and Mild High Club back in 2017. Although I like both bands, especially Mild High Club I hadn’t listened to this album until recently. The whole album sounds so jazzy, so Mild High Club, despite the fact all the songs are composed by the Australian modern psychedelic rock band. 

Not so sure how I missed the whole album 2 years ago, maybe because King Gizz dropped too many albums that year. So I was listening to it again and again the other day when I couldn’t sleep (which happens 2-3 times a year), the whole albums flows nice and just hit the mood, I was totally sober by the way.

Feel free to check it out and certainly do if you like either band, great collaboration and certainly great album to fall asleep with. 

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 大家周末好,推荐一张专辑Sketches Of Brunswick East。

是2017年King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard和Mild High Club两个乐队合作的专辑,两个团我都挺喜欢的,可能我更喜欢Mild High Club,因为之前一张迷醉的神专Skiptracing一直念念不忘,相比较King Gizz更有名,也是个非常多产的团,17年出了不止一张专辑,所以我才差点错过这张,直到几天前失眠的时候拿出来听,听得非常醉,助眠。

复古慵懒的爵士摇滚(可以这么说吗?),很迷幻,适合午夜穿着睡衣独自在灰暗的房间里听,或者举着红酒小酌几杯的时候顺便听,非常放松心情,看King Gizz做出这种很chill的专辑有点不习惯,我对他们的印象还停留在Boogie调调里面,想不到两个团这么合。

不过我猜由于该专很另类,King Gizz应该永远不会现场表演这张,应该注定是遗珠专辑吧。顺便说一句Mild High Club的复古迷幻反而在国内挺受欢迎的。

最爱单曲: Cranes, Planes, Migraines