The Road to Steem Fest | The Thai Life and what to expect

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I was in Bangkok earlier this year, so I still have some fairly fresh memories of the city. I won’t say it’s my favourite country but in general I like Thailand as a travel destination.

Since I still have a lot of photos that I haven’t posted yet from my last trip, I’ll post some today and talk about what I expect from SF4 trip, if I’ll be going. Btw, the other day I kinda FOMOed and got my Steemfest ticket, but I still need to figure out my flight ticket and other stuff, soon hopefully, otherwise I’ll have to resell the ticket…

I don’t know how you are going to arrive in Bangkok, but if you take the train from somewhere in Thailand, the train stops like 20 times when in BKK, so don’t have to go to the final stop normally, can always get off a stop close to the hotel i believe.

Despite bad experiences last time with the train, I think if I do come, I’ll probably spend a few days down South then take the train to BKK.

Probably I will since if I enter Thailand before Nov, there’s no visa fee, so instead of payout €60 ish extra visa fee, I would enter Thailand before Nov spend that €60 there.
You can get your nail down at night market, maybe this time I’ll do that!
a cute antique shop near chatuchak market
tasty and cheap food you find everywhere on the street
This steak restaurant in Phaya Thai looks cool, need reservation though, if I confirm going, I’ll try to maker a reservation this time.
Thai massage of course, finally don’t have to pay 60 euro for Thai massage here in Belgium (actually I never do massage here, too expensive…)
I miss tuktuk!
I’ll probably buy some more sheet masks from this mall, they are so expensive here in Belgium
and of course a lot of fun with Steemians, I think most of the ones in this photo will go this year as well, so would love to see you all again ^^

Hopefully see you in Bangkok, I’ll have to start looking for flight tickets and other things soon…

今年STEEMFEST在曼谷, 现在可以玩写帖竞赛

我前两天冲动之下买了门票,虽然机票还没有买…… 冲动是魔鬼啊!



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