The Road to Steem Fest | Why do I want to go to Steem Fest?

original contest post:

Hey Steemians, I’d like to talk about why I’d like to attend Steemfest in Bangkok this year.

I live quite far from Bangkok, flight takes at least 12 hours to get there, but still I’d like to attend this awesome event to meet cool Steemians like @roelandp himself and others.

I was in the past two Steemfests, both were wonderful experiences that I won’t forget easily. I’ve met so many interesting Steemians, both those I was upvoting and commenting, also made some new friends that becomes not only Steem friends but also real life friends. For someone slightly anti-social like me, this is really important to me.

Compared to the past two Steemfests, this one can be even more special to me, reasons?

  • It’s in the tropical Thailand, I think it would be more fun, because the past fests were cold and you need to wear jacket at night lol.
  • I really love Bangkok, it was the city where I did my first ever solo trip many years ago, ever since I’ve started travelling a lot, so it’s a city very important to me, many memories.
  • It’s in Asia, and I’m Asian myself.
  • I met a couple of Steemians in Taiwan, I believe some of them will come too, it would be cool to see more members from cn community there.
  • I promise to bring JOY at the fest ^^

So if you like me, feel free to fund me, I’ll thank you in Bangkok haha.