Théâtre Royal De Toone – Brussels’ traditional puppet theatre café

In Brussels city center, there is a café in an old théâtre, called Théâtre Royal De Toone.

In my previous vlog, you can get an impression how it looks like. Probably a popular site to visit, because I saw some group tourists last time when I was there (I’ve actually only been there once though lol).

Interesting little café, with a ouppet theatre where you can still watch some shows (costs somewhere around €12), otherwise it’s always nice to just have a drink or too. You find most popular Belgian beers there, including the renowned 10,2% Westvleteren.

Because it’s a theatre café, you find all kinds of puppets as decorations. Here are some pictures!

Entrance is quite narrow, I almost missed it!

Inside the bar


Brussels mannekenpis ^^

You can watch a puppet show here too!

I’m drinking Kriek

Have a good weekend!