Thoughts on delegation and curation

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Hello, let’s talk about curation on Steem.

I’m personally never a fan of Steem’s delegation system, I mean the whole delegation system, including the huge delegation from misterdelegation to different projects built on Steem.


Because it reduces the incentive of owning SP power, upon the new delegation application process, Steemit inc will delegate to different projects ranging from 100K to 1 million SP.

Compared to 100K or 1 million SP, the SP you, me, and most Steemians hold is nothing. Why don’t we let investors buy that Steem, instead of simply delegating away? If HF21 won’t change the curation as it is planned (get more people manual voting), then the problem won’t be the change of economics, it will probably be the distribution of SP and ninja mine.

This is nothing new, many have already discussed this before.

Of course, right now I don’t see any plan to change the delegation system, because many have already delegated their SP away to voting bots for passive income, causing the poor distribution of daily reward pool. It’s like a vicious circle.

OK, let’s live with that now. Can’t change any time soon anyway.

Sometimes I come across some profiles from some Steemians, “curator of xxx project”. I always think this is weird. I’m not targeting anyone here, if you browse around, you’ll find many of them write this.

If you’ve purchased SP yourself, for sure, it’s nice to shout out I’ll curate.

But if you are a curator of a certain project that has been received a huge SP delegation from Steemit Inc or other whales, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to shout out “hey I’m curating with huge SP”, are you not afraid of constant spamming from accounts saying “hey curator, vote me” ?

We all know, after HF 21, author/curation rewards is going to change to 50/50, which means projects with huge SP will probably benefit the most, meaning they will receive more curation rewards than now. The curator for such projects will get more curation as well, as they know if the huge vote will come, they can vote with their SP before that vote.

I’m not targeting anyone and I’m sure most of these people are probably more enthusiastic about Steem than I currently am. They probably also spend more time interacting within communities than I do for sure. Also it’s one’s own freedom to write whatever they want in their profile, and also it’s a project’s freedom to set their own rule.

It just makes me think how you can get more new investors then? If every project just gets the free delegation and every one can simply apply to be a curator of the project. The projects and the curators all get curation rewards, nice for the works they are doing for sure. But what makes it interesting for others to buy Steem and power up then?

TL;DR : I dunno if it’s a good idea to shout out you are a curator for Steem project with large delegation by Steemit inc, because you are already more likely to earn more curation rewards than the SP you own. But of course it’s someone’s freedom to shout out whatever they want.