Tropic tree compilation – Tree Tuesday

Happy New Year!

I remember we (used to?) have a #treetuesday hashtag, right?

I’m bad at botany but I find tropic trees so beautiful! In West Africa I randomly took some tree pictures. Some of them I learnt the name, the other I forgot to ask.

OK, I have to admit, if it’s not for Steem shitposting, I will probably never bother to take pictures of those trees. When I went to the tropic before, I never collected tree pictures. lol.

They call this tree “fromage”, don’t think it has anything to do with cheese though, maybe if any, the box to put cheese inside is made from this tree lol. I do like how the tree looks like.

Coffee ☕️

I love mango, I love mango tree too.

Cashew nut tree is so cute!

Papaya tree looks cute too!


Going back to freezing Europe soon, gonna miss those trees!!

Feel free to share your favourite tree pictures below ^^

Have a good 2019!