Vin Khanh BBQ and hotpot street in HCMC

While walking around where I’m staying, I found an interesting street nearby, it’s called Vin Khanh street. It was a great discovery for me because I love BBQ. And who doesn’t?

This is how the street looks like, there are many restaurants on both side, one next to each other, I’ve checked their menu, probably thy all sell similar stuff, you can order fish, shrimp, chicken wings and other things to grill yourself, or can also order ready cooked dishes.

Many restaurants offer both hotpot and grill.

Most restaurants don’t have English menu, so ordering food can be a bit dofficult, usually I would choose one with already people eating, then go to their table politely ask to take a look what they are eating and point the ones I like to the waiters. Price is pretty reasonable in this street, (€3 for 6 shrimps) so don’t worry too much.