Weekend Updates

Heatwave is over.

It was raining the entire weekend after a ultra dry week. For the first time (or second time) I realized I’ve never liked rain so much, finally I can understand why a lot of Iranians I met on my trip there loved rain so much, every one would go outside enjoy the rain once it was raining there.

I like the 20-25 degree typical Belgium summer. Comfortable.

A Peruvian friend of mine is throwing a house party for her 2 year old. I haven’t seen them that much ever since they had baby, busy family life I guess. So it was nice to meet them and this little friend again.

Cute toy kitchen

Happy birthday!

A tradition from latin American countries, you hit the colorful box, then gifts fall down, then kids grab the gift for theirselves.

This reminds me so much of Cinco de Mayo that I used to celebrate with some Mexican friends back in China. We all had to hit that box then get our gifts.