Undef Ne

Greetings from Shanghai, found a cool café while walking around the area near Jade buddha temple.

Seems like a district full of some kind of art galleries.

address: Undef Ne, Moganshan Rd, Putuo Qu, Shanghai Shi, 200000

Found my new favorite drink in Shanghai

Hello greetings from Shanghai!

Yes I’m in China. Just walk around, it reminds me of those good old days. I never lived in Shanghai before, but went there quite often before when I lived close. We sometimes take a train there party the whole night.

I’m still doing the same thing in Europe sometimes but still I sometimes miss the fun time I had here.

I just found my new favorite drink, it looks so cute! After drinking seveval days unsweetend green tea and calpis, I finally tried a new drink lol.

The weather in Shanghai these days is perfect, 25 degrees, you need a light jacket in the evening and morning.

After more than one month sweating in SE Asia, I feel so refreshed!

Some random shots