Côte d’Ivoire fishermen

While walking along the beach, I found out fishermen here seem cool. I see so many of such boats.

There are big waves along the coast here. It’s Atlantic sea, right.

Fishermen trying to drag the boat on the shore. It doesn’t seem so easy to do so!

Not easy to swim in such huge waves, play with local kids then. They love being on pictures, I hope they dpn’t mind I put this picture here.



Where I’m staying at the moment, pretty isolated.


Beach, only found some local fishermen.

Nice local bar, looking great except it’s closed.

Also found a beach hut where I can lie down, but the shops are closed, no cocktail.

Atlantic sea, not as nice as Zanzibar but good to relax for a couple of days.

Brought some water from the village in case I find no shop in the area.

Way to the beach

Abidjan doesn’t have much to see, quickly decided to head to the beach. Didn’t book hotels in advance this time, more flexible this way.

It seems really low season for CI around this time, or low season the whole year around maybe.

If you head to Assinie, here in Bonoua, you can catch a taxi for around 10€ (~8000 CFA), or 1500 CFA per person if you can wait (maybe it takes forever, exagerating).

holiday houses?

I kinda like the coast line though. Sea isn’t as beautiful as Zanzibar, but still, I like it, especially with the West African music playing inside the minibus (they call it wuruwuru here in CI), along with the sound ticket man is making the whole time, trying to drag more passengers on board.

Waiting for food in West Africa can take forever. The point is: no hurry, just chill.

「LaterSteem」Kleine schattige zuurdesem bakkerij- Korst

Normal schrijf ik nooit in het nederlands op steem, maar sommige woorden ken ik enkel in het nederlands ^^

Zoals zuurdesem, wat is zuurdesem in het engels weer?

Ik eet niet zo vaak brood maar ik vind zuurdesembrood lekkerder. Hey verschil tussen het gistbrood en desembrood is dat bakkers bij het maken van desembrood geen gist toevoegen. Melkzuurbacteriën en natuurlijke gisten doen vanzelf hun werk bij het desembrood, daarom heet dit zuurdesembrood.

Niet belangrijk, niet belangrijk, maar ik eet dit graag and heb ik iets bijgeleerd, ik weet er echt weinig van.

I love collecting ecobags!

They also sell some cookies and cakes, not bad at all.

Haha do you also love brood?

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