[Trip Report] Snow Wonderland – Georgia (Part 1)

I've already shared some odd pictures about Georgia. Today I'd like to share the whole trip with you. I went there in the beginning of this year. I'm so happy I discovered this amazing Caucasus country. Georgia is somehow not that popular among the non-Russian speaking travelers. I was asked by friends why I came up with ideas to visit Georgia. Here are a few reasons why I chose it.

Lost in Fes, an ancient Labyrinth town in Morocco

Arab architecture has always fascinated me, with its unique geometric and interlace patterned ornaments. I always dreamed to visit those a far away Arab world. There are many good flight connections from Belgium to Morocco, so I started my Arab adventure in Morocco and hopefully I can visit more Arab countries in the future. Morocco is quite developed in the tourism industry. I was joking with friends that every riad (a garden that is applied to town houses built round a central courtyard) becomes a guesthouse in the medina (old town) of the major Moroccan cities and everyone is doing something associated with tourism. Today I'm going to show my dear Steemit friends to Fes city.