Relaxed day in Cape Coast

Had a pretty relaxed day before heading to the inland.

It seems that people in CI and Ghana really like ginger water. I didn’t like the one in Assinie but now I decide to give it another try. It was ginger with lemon water… was slightly better than the previous one lol

Beach isn’t super clean though.

But I like the huge waves here. Nice to just grab a drink and watch waves.

Looks better from far or at sunset ^^

Cape Coast in 12 pictures

Went for a walk in Cape Coast city. Being one of the most historic cities, Cape Coast has quite a few nice churches and other architectures.

I noticed Indomie promotion is everywhere in the city, yet you don’t really find them in the shop or street food stalls, probably some unsuccessful marketing somehow.

Busy market, African town often feels the whole city is a huge market.

Typical texitels. When I took this photo, the seller lady asked me, you take this picture, but will you also buy it? She’s in a good mood. I told her, I seriously want to buy some but I don’t get much time staying here.

Otherwise I’ll probably find a tailor to make some colorful African dresses. When travelling in India, I got some nice saree tops made by local tailors.

Maybe I should have visited the tailors here, just to ask how long it’ll take, so next time I’ll know it.

Drumming kids at the beach.

Orange beach lodge, where I stay, it has nice relaxing vibes. A but further here you see the famous Cape Coast castle.

Bamboo rasta house.

Churches in town

Some Vitamin Sea

I think the coast in Côte d’Ivoire isn’t bad, I like ut because there aren’t many tourists, which means no hassle at all. ^^ can simply enjoy the quietness. Therefore, I have nothing much to talk about for this beach, some pictures won’t do harm.

This bench should belong to a beach bar or something, not open.

I’m a bad swimmer, so just play with the waves then!

Have a good day!