Beautiful capital of Croatia – Zagreb

Today I bring you to the beautiful Croatian capital - Zagreb. When we talk about Croatia, we think about the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik, or Pula, etc. Although as a capital, Zagreb is somehow overlooked by the visitors to this country. It's true that Zagreb is not any close to the seaside. Still I find it a pity that it has been neglected by the visitors because it actually has a lot to offer, sights, architectures, cafes, restaurants, etc. In my opinion it's totally comparable to its (sort of)neighbor cities, such as Prague and Budapest.

Brick Lane in LDN City

Today I take you to my favorite area in London city - Brick Lane. It's a district in East London. It's among the most vibrant district in London. Because it it is the heart of the city's Bangladeshi-Sylheti community. Brick Lane is also known as Banglatown. The area is not only famous for its many curry restaurants, but also the vintage markets, galleries, street art and food market. It's young, cultural, artistic and full of life.

Slovak Medieval Devin Castle

Today I take you to a On a sunny day during my trip in Bratislava, I went on a day trip to Devin Castle. From Bratislava city you can easily catch bus No. 28 or 29 or you can also take a Danube cruise that runs twice a day. The castle itself is in ruins, with mini medieval pop up stands where you can enjoy the stunning views of the remains of the castle and the surrounding landscape. Not a ruin or historical site fan to be honest, but I liked it, especially for the views upon the confluence of Danube and Morava rivers.

‘Once’ in Dublin

Have you ever seen the movie titled Once? This low budget modern-day musical was shot in only 17 days, on the streets of Dublin. ONCE is one of my favorite movies and is one of the main reason why I wanted to visit Dublin city. It's such a beautiful movie, especially the ending. During my trip in Dublin, I try to find some movie scenes in real life. Here's a song from its soundtrack, in case you haven't seen the movie yet.