My one working day while travelling

It was my only working day actually, as my last trip was purely leisure, it’s not like I try to combine any work with the trip, but coincidentally I had some free days to kill after Steemfest and I.J. and his crew happened to be in Bangkok for work. So quickly we decided to plan a casual meetup in

and because Larry and Dave were active on Steem and DTube, it was so nice to meet them again, especially somewhere so random like Bangkok.

After some catching and chat, I learnt they were in Bangkok for some conferences, to promote their project to the Chinese bitcoin miner community, I soon agreed to work as I.J. ‘s translator for a day. It was an interesting experience for me, as I’ve heard about those miner communities in China, but never really got to see how they look like lol.

The conference was in Sathon, an area I didn’t know in Bangkok, so I also got to explore the area before the conference, I went to see Thailand’s famous ghost before the conference (such a hard working traveller?)

^ it was an interesting place by the way. I’m gonna dedicate a blog soon.

Anyways, I got to meet I.J., Larry and Dave in Sathon, they were special guests invited by the Chinese miner community and we were treated for some nice lunch in a restaurants nearby:

Bon appetit!

I still don’t get it why those miners did a conference in Bangkok, probably they just wanted to visit Bangkok I guess!

VIP with name tag and me without name tag ^^
everyone wants a picture with I.J.
vip seats

After the conference, we had dinner with the group, those Chinese miner community are actually nice people, we exchanged wechat, but I don’t think it matters much since I don’t live in China anyway. But they seem nice.

Anyways, it was an interesting day. I hope you enjoyed this blog.