Japanese dinner in Nantong (Ooshima restaurant)

In Shanghai area there live many Japanese people, even in smaller cities like Nantong. Therefore many kinds of Japanese food from sushi, tappenyaki to the traditional izakaya, can be found here, much more compared to Belgium. Even though I’ll be travelling to Japan in two weeks, still I can’t resist the temptation when I see those Japanese restaurant on the street.

Persepolis, Ceremonial Capital of the Persian Empire

Those who have been following my Iran trip vlogs must know that I went to Persepolis twice. The first time I went all the way there only to find out it was closed because of a religious holiday. It was rather disappointing at the time but also lead me to read a bit more about Persepolis before the second try. When I finally got to see its magnificence, I felt all the effort was worth.

My experience of wearing a chador in Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine

Although the most instagramed spot in Shiraz being the pink mosque “Nasir ol Molk”, almost all the locals will tell you to check out Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine (Shrine of King of the Light) when you ask them for suggestions. Inside Shah-e-Cheragh you can find the tombs of Amir Ahmad (brother of Iman Reza) who was killed and now buried there.