Indigenous Market In Silvia, Colombia


Silvia is an Andean town in Cauca Department, Colombia. Every Tuesday, an Indigenous market of the Guambiana community takes place in Silvia. The town is not far from Popayán, I went there for a day trip when I visited Popayán.

It was mainly the indigenous Guambiano Indians living in the nearby areas who host and come to the market. I love their traditional clothes. They all wore hiking shoes, blue capes, long swing skirts and a lovely wool felt hat. In the market, mainly the agricultural product and meat was sold, plus some clothes and shoes. There are also a small area of food stalls where you can get lunch and snacks.

The market was not really touristy. I did found some handmade beaded bracelets to buy, but not such a tourism industry there selling mass souvenirs. Still, it attracts some tourists, including myself, I even saw a lady who bought the whole set of Guambiano traditional clothes and was super happy posing with them on.

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比利时是个音乐爱好者的天堂,每年夏天这里有数不胜数的露天音乐节。可能很多人都听过Tomorrowland, RockWerchter或者PupplePop,这些大型的音乐节非常有意思,但是通常一票难求,而且票据也是不便宜(一天100欧)。

其实在比利时也有很多小型的音乐节,票价通常低廉许多,有的甚至是免费的。这些音乐节也一样好玩,甚至有时还有大牌乐队到场。今天我要带Steemit朋友们去一个叫做Frietrock的小型音乐节,今年有我很期待的爱尔兰摇滚乐队Therapy?。 Continue reading “薯条摇滚”音乐节看Therapy?乐队

Frietrock Music Festival (Ft. Therapy?) In Ypres, Belgium


There are countless summer festivals in Belgium which some famous ones, such as Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Pukklepop, etc. Those festivals are huge, of great fun, but the tickets are also difficult to get and not cheap (around 100 euro per day).

In fact, we also have free smaller music festivals in many cities in Belgium. They can be interesting as well. Today I’m taking my dear Steemit friends to a free festival called Frietrock in Ypres. This year they got a great line-up, including one of my favorite bands, Therapy?

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记我在欧洲最顶尖的音乐节Rock Werchter的一天


昨天我去了在比利时乃至欧洲最顶尖的音乐节叫作Rock Werchter。每年夏天六月底七月初的四天,平常风吹草低见牛羊的Werchter小镇就摇身一变,成为了所有音乐爱好者的大型派对,从全世界赶来的人们,在这里狂欢庆祝夏天。幸运的是,音乐节地点离我住的鲁汶市挺近,从鲁汶有去音乐节全天无间断的接驳巴士。也因为这样,每年这时鲁汶的酒店或者青年旅社也是很早就被订光,就跟音乐节的票一样。就着地理优势,Rock Werchter也是我几乎每年夏天的必备活动。如果你有机会夏天来看音乐节,告诉我吧! Continue reading 记我在欧洲最顶尖的音乐节Rock Werchter的一天