Lisbon travel and food guide for SteemFest². Are you ready? 今年的里斯本Steem节旅游锦囊

Did you miss the SteemFest last year in Amsterdam? No worries, this year SteemFest² is going take place in another amazing city – Lisbon on 1/2/3 (4/5) November. Lisbon is one of my favorite European cities.

I’ve seen all these cool photos from last year’s SteemFest, and I’m looking forward to SteemFest². It seems to me great to meet up with and talk to Steemers in person. Even if you don’t know yet how to expect from the fest itself. At least it makes a great chance to explore the city a bit.

你们都错过了去年在阿姆斯特丹举办的Steem节吗?没有关系,今年11月的1/2/3(/4/5)号又会有新的 SteemFest² 了。而且这次的节日会在我最喜欢的欧洲城市之一,里斯本举办。

我看了去年他们在阿姆斯特丹拍的 照片,看上去很有意思。我很期待今年的里斯本Steem节,能跟一直在这里默默关注着的你们面对面聊天,应该是一件挺有意思的事情。就算你不知道这个节到底是怎么一回事,至少可以趁这个机会看一看里斯本这个挺有意思的城市。 Continue reading Lisbon travel and food guide for SteemFest². Are you ready? 今年的里斯本Steem节旅游锦囊

10 reasons why I love Thailand 喜欢泰国的十个理由

Thailand is a destination in many people’s travel bucket list or many have already been to. It’s a super tourist friendly country. Great food, nice weather, friendly people. It was the first country I visit independently and afterwards I’ve been to 50 countries until now and still counting. I always view Thailand as the magic place to start my life adventure. I traveled in Thailand for around a month and here I’d like to share the reason I love this country.


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Trip to the North Sea coast – Ostend, Belgium 比利时海边城市奥斯坦得之旅

Today I bring you to the North Sea coast – Ostend. Have you ever heard about it? In an episode of Peep Show, Mark told Jeremy to buy a waffle in Ostend. In fact nowadays there are no longer any ferries that go directly from Ostend to England any more. But because of its convenient train connection to major cities in Belgium, such as Brussels, Gent, Bruges, the city attracts both domestic and international tourists to feel the Belgian coast.

For someone like me who couldn’t stand the extreme heat, Ostend is a perfect place for a weekend trip or day trip. Its maritime temperate climate makes the city cooler than inland England. You can enjoy the sun without getting burned so easily like Southern European coast.

今天我带你们去北海的海边城市 – 奥斯坦得看看。你听说过这个城市吗?我记得英剧窥视秀有一集,马克跟好基友杰里米说 “我能为你做什么?去奥斯坦得买块华夫饼给你?” 事实上,现在在奥斯坦得已经不存在去英国的渡轮了,尽管离得很近。但是由于每天很多次的从布鲁塞尔,根特,布鲁日这些主要城市有很多班的直达火车来这里,奥斯坦得吸引了很多比利时国内和全世界的游客来这里体验一下北海的海边。

我是个非常怕热的人,有时候比利时内陆这里27,8度的夏天对我来说已经太热。奥斯坦得的温带海洋气候让它比内陆凉快一下,每年这时候奥斯坦得就是个避暑的好去处,夏天我会跟朋友们去个好几次。可以享受温暖的阳光又不用担心太容易晒伤,多好啊! Continue reading Trip to the North Sea coast – Ostend, Belgium 比利时海边城市奥斯坦得之旅